California Spa Retreat from a No-Tell Motel Pool Highland Park, IL
ILCA GOLD AWARD 2015 Specialty Element ILCA JUDGES AWARD 2015 Best Overall Residential Landscape Project with a score of 97 out of 100. When my clients purchased their home, they were excited to have a pool. Only, not this pool. The systems were in bad need of repair, and the infrastructure surrounding the pool were reminiscent of a scary motel pool. My client wanted to create a relaxing atmosphere without starting from scratch. Working with the existing design, we moved the spa away from the house. Picking up on the rectangular nature of the pool, I created concrete and Trex deck social areas to add depth, texture, and function. The awkward narrow space between the two sections of the pool appeared intentional with the creation of a fly-over bridge constructed from the variety of decking materials we used in the project.